• SaxoWebTrader - Take control of the market

    Instant access to the global markets and one-click trading give the serious online investor increased accessibility to real-time prices at a moment’s notice.

Customisable global access

Online trading has never been more flexible than with the SaxoWebTrader platform, which allows individuals to trade multiple asset classes, personalise the interface and choose from an array of charts, prices, market research, data sources and news feeds, designed to continually strengthen market positions. By providing extreme mobility and around the clock access to trading accounts, Saxo Bank clients have never been better equipped to trade the global financial markets

Flexible online trading

The browser-based SaxoWebTrader offers online trading access to  Stocks, ETFs and ETCs, Bonds & contract options. The SaxoWebTrader requires no download or installation, and is accessible behind most firewalls. A SaxoWebTrader account also allows integrated access to the comprehensive, professional SaxoTrader and the SaxoMobileTrader.

SaxoWebTrader benefits:

  • Trade Stocks, Contact options, ETFs & ETOs and Bonds
  • No downloading or installation required.
  • New user-friendly interface with enhanced workspace flexibility
  • One-click trading for fast execution.
  • Real-time FX prices, constant updating of Account Summary and news from major establishments and market updates from Saxo Bank.
  • Reliability of trading with a fully licensed and regulated European bank.
  • Integrated with the comprehensive SaxoTrader and the SaxoMobileTrader, a mobile phone-based platform.

User Friendly Interface

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The navigation structure is enclosed within a graphical, ribbon-style menu, and icons clearly differentiate the products. The ribbon menu:

  • Organizes related functions and features within the respective tab: Trading, Account, News & Research
  • Sorts modules by function: all trade tickets are collapsed under 'Trade Modules' and the order modules under 'Orders'

Open Positions Module

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You can view and manage positions and related orders in one integrated workflow.

  • Close positions and quickly set stop and limit orders within one workflow
  • Add, remove and sort columns for a customised display
  • Hide closed and square positions
  • See distance stop and limit levels with the order progress bar

Account Toolbar

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Account information is now always visible in a screen efficient layout displaying:

  • Cash balance
  • Account value
  • Available margin
  • Margin utilization

Click on a value to see its underlying calculations. If you want an overview of multiple accounts, simply add additional toolbars to your workspace.