• Mobile access to the online markets

Mobile access to the online markets

The SaxoMobileTrader complements the SaxoWebTrader and the SaxoTrader, giving the serious trader even greater possibilities to establish immediate contact with the global markets. This flexible trading platform provides extreme mobility and around-the-clock access to trading accounts.

Never miss a trading opportunity

With the SaxoMobileTrader, the markets are never far from reach. The SaxoMobileTrader works with browser-enabled mobile phones allowing clients to see all positions, open orders, read news, do simple charting or view account status anywhere in the world, and all from the palm of the hand.

New orders can also be created and existing ones amended. With a Saxo Bank account, the SaxoMobileTrader becomes a personal trading tool.

Benefits of the SaxoMobileTrader:

  • Instant access to the global markets anywhere and at anytime through an internet-enabled mobile phone.
  • Access all trading platforms with one account.
  • Never miss the chance to trade, even if a computer is not close at hand.
  • Check account status and manage orders via mobile phone or PDA
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use trading interface.
  • Features include: News, Charts and Markets.
  • Updates News from major establishments and market updates from Saxo Bank.

See the FAQ for details on how to access the platform, supported devices and more.
FAQ SaxoMobileTrader

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Open an account today

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