Account FAQs

General Account Questions

What types of trading accounts does Saxo Bank offer?

We offer one trading accounts to suit all your needs. Our account type provide access to our complete range of financial products and all trading platforms.

Classic Account: Everything you need to execute your trading strategy, including news, market research and real-time trading ideas. 
Minimum deposit: USD 10,000

What is the minimum account size?

The minimum funding requirement to open a Saxo Classic account is USD 10,000.

You can select many currencies as the base currency of your account and all transactions will be converted back to the base currency of your account.

Does Saxo Bank offer a free practice account?


Saxo Bank offers a free 20-day demo account so you can practice trading and try out our award-winning platforms before you open a live account.

Sign up for a free demo account.

Can I open a corporate account?

Yes, you can open a corporate account with Saxo Bank.

For more information about opening a corporate account, please click here.

What products can I trade with a Saxo account?

With a Saxo account, you have access to a wide range of financial products from around the world.

  • 18,500+ Stocks from more than 33 international exchanges
  • 1500+ ETFs and online funds
  • Selection of Sovereign, Government and Corporate Bonds

See all tradable products here.

What are the trading spreads and commissions?

Click here for a complete schedule of our trading costs, commissions and charges for all of our products.

How do I trade Saxo Bank’s products?

You can trade all Saxo Bank products on our suite of multi-asset trading platforms, including the award-winning SaxoTrader, the browser-based SaxoWebTrader, the SaxoMobileTrader and our SaxoTrader app for mobile phones and tablets.

Each platform keeps you connected to your Saxo account, and provides live trading, charts, the latest market news and analysis from the Saxo Bank Strategy Team.

What security do I have investing through Saxo Bank?

Saxo Bank A/S is a fully licensed and regulated European bank, as well as a member of the Danish Guarantee Fund for Investors, an institution established by the Danish parliament.

Please read this page which describes in detail how every client is secured at Saxo Bank with either their deposited securities or cash deposits.

To read more about Saxo Bank’s business and financial results, please visit our corporate website at

Where is Saxo Bank licensed?

Saxo Bank A/S is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is incorporated in Denmark as a licensed bank regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA).

For complete Saxo Bank license and regulation details see here.

Is there a Saxo Bank office near me?

Saxo Bank has offices in 21 countries, covering the world’s major financial centres, including London, Zurich, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Paris.

Click here for a map of our locations around the world.

I live in the United States. Can I open an account with Saxo Bank?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to open accounts for US residents at this time.

What interest rates apply to my Saxo account?

Click here for details on interest rates applied to funds deposited with Saxo Bank.