• Protect your portfolio from volatility or stagnation in Equity markets.

Trade Bonds with Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank supports offline trading of a wide range of Sovereign, Government and Corporate Bonds in US dollars, Euro and British pound through direct telephone and online access to specialist dealers. Simple e-mail orders can also be placed. Bond positions can then be monitored online in real-time through Saxo Bank’s trading platforms.

Fixed Income Bonds at Saxo Bank

  • Up to 95% of Bonds collateral can be used for trading margin products.
  • Very low trade commissions from only 0.08%.
  • Trading in a wide selection of Sovereign, Government and Corporate Bonds.
  • Real-time monitoring of your positions through Saxo Bank’s online investment platforms.
  • Charts and issuer information.

A wide range of Bonds are available through Saxo Bank, and clients are able to search through a full list by currency and maturity. For availability of other Bonds and pricing, clients can contact the Fixed Income Desk. When a Bond pays out ‘coupon’, the cash will be credited to the account in accordance with normal settlement procedures.

Bond trading made easy

Offering an alternative in times of unpredictable or stagnant equity and currency markets, Bonds can be an important and conservative capital preservation component of an investment portfolio.

With Saxo Bank, you can place an order for Bonds online by using the Dealer Chat function on Saxo Bank’s trading platforms and asking for "Bonds" or by just e-mailing fixedincome@saxobank.com with your Client ID, ISIN code and amount in cash or nominal value of the purchase. All Bonds are traded offline, but can be monitored on Saxo Bank’s online platforms.

Saxo Bank accepts market orders on all Bond positions, but limit orders are not currently available. If you are unsure what collateral value a Bond has, you can e-mail fixedincome@saxobank.com or ask your account executive to contact Risk Management.

Deposit Investment Collateral in Bonds

Saxo Bank allows up to 95% of Bond collateral to be used for trading margin products.

Existing Bonds can also be deposited with Saxo Bank as margin collateral – the value of the Bond available for margin trading depends on the bond rating.

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Product Risk

Danish banks are required to categorise investment products offered to retail clients depending on the product’s complexity and risk as: green, yellow or red.

Bonds are categorised as either green, yellow or red products depending on the individual instrument. For more information about the categorisation of the individual instrument and the level of risk involved, please see the 'Product Risk Categorisation' located under our General Business Terms.

General  Business Terms